Azulie symbolises ‘inspiration, creativity and resilience’. It's designs celebrate the spirt of imagination and observation through nostalgic encounters or seasonal festivities. This expression takes shape in clothing that reflects individuality inspired by style that is reminiscent of fervent places, people and the stories they evoke.

Our design language proclaims a commitment to self-expression, femininity and authenticity. Each piece is envisioned through imaginative design, seasonless sensibilities, and thoughtful details.

Azulie is clothing for day-to-day luxury, made to be dwelled in, loved, and worn repeatedly.


Our designs are a product of extensive consideration and research into deeply rooted textile arts and traditions from around the world. Each motif is developed in detail and goes through an exquisite design process to create distinctive pieces that can be cherished as collectibles. 

Some of our pieces are also made on small scale looms, woven traditionally by hand. From the fabric development to dyeing, embroidery and finishing, every step is examined to ensure a unique shopping experience for you.